Proficiency Testing of Nacotics in Urine Specimens 4.0, Plus Reduce
  • 1.04.2019
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Proficiency Testing of Nacotics in Urine Specimens 4.0, Plus Reduce
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Angkana Kritpitakngoen, Orapin Tanunkat, Rungtip Juati, Sumate Thiangthum, Saralnun Phaophuetphan, Phatchara Kongin, Achiraya Nakkarit, Pichaya Mala, Pornthip Tuamthong
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Bureau of Drug and Narcotic, Department of Medical Sciences is the sole organization in Thailand offering the proficiency testing of narcotics in urine specimens. The participating members comprise approximately 750 public and private laboratories. In the 2018 fiscal year, expenses incurred in relation to issuance of reports and relevant documents and postal services amounted to 220,000 Baht. Thus, information technology (IT) was implemented through a website of covering 4 programs of proficiency testing (drugs, psychotropics and narcotics as property in dispute, as well as narcotics in urine specimens). It has been found that, during a one year period, total operational costs of narcotics in urine analysis was drastically decreased by more than 140,000 Baht, equivalent to 64% cost reduction. In addition, not only time but also storage space were impressively reduced by greater than 80%. Ninety five percent of paper consumption was reduced leading to environmental friendliness. The financial breaking event could be achieved within only 2-3 years. Moreover, efficiency of confidentiality mechanism, data privacy, data transferring and evaluation have been hugely improved. This website is ready to cope with participants, networks and tests expansion in the near future. The self-tracking system can be performed by the participants themselves. Although customer satisfactory evaluation was excellent, the beneficial feedbacks and suggestions would be very important for further IT system improvement.