Quality of Disulfiram Tablet in Thailand
  • 1.04.2019
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Quality of Disulfiram Tablet in Thailand
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Thanatcha Sahasuntorn, Patima Maneesatid
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Disulfiram Tablet listed as class C in the National List of Essential Medicines 2018, and used for supporting the treatment of chronic alcoholism. For the reason that Disulfiram Tablet is classified as dangerous drug in the Medicine Act B.E. 2510 and its quality has never been studied before, so the quality survey of Disulfiram Tablet was performed by Bureau of Drug and Narcotic in the fiscal year 2018. The samples with strength of 500 mg were collected from the public hospitals by single window system. A total of 17 samples, 5 manufacturers 5 formulations from 11 manufacturers and 11 formulations in Thailand were evaluated for the content of active ingredient, weight variation and disintegration by using the methods and specifications of United States Pharmacopoeia (USP 40). The analytical methods were verified for the suitability prior to sample testing. The results found that all samples conformed to the requirement. It can be concluded that Disulfiram Tablet in Thailand have satisfactory qualities. These results may be beneficial to the hospital’s drug purchasing, customer’s drug selection and company for development pharmaceutical products.
Keywords : disulfiram tablet, quality survey